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Pot-friendly campground coming to Lake Selmac

Smoke on the Water may be the first of it’s kind in Oregon

SELMA — Wayne Zallen started building 1,500-square foot warehouses for marijuana grows in 2014, before recreational marijuana was legalized in Oregon.

Now he’s got another big cannabis idea that may be first in the state: a marijuana-friendly campground, to be called Smoke on the Water Lake Selmac.

Zallen last month purchase Lake Selmac Resort, a 5-acre property bordering Josephine County’s largest draw for campers and anglers.

He envisions his campers lighting up in their RV or tent sites, or inside a 20-by-40-foot “community center” on the property. He also plans a stage for concerts and other events, and custom tepees, massages, and yoga.

It’s marijuana-friendly because state law allows marijuana use on private property.

Zallen also seeks approval from county planning for another entity to operate a dispensary on the same property.

To Zallen’s way of thinking, Oregon’s relaxed marijuana laws have opened up a lucrative niche opportunity at private facilities like Lake Selmac Resort.

“We’re looking at doing a national footprint. You have to get started somewhere,” said Zallen, of Eagle Point. “To the best of my knowledge it’s the firs pot-friendly campground.”

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