Partnerships and Advisers

Grow Condos has developed an advantageous strategy designed to enhance the Company’s spectrum of service offerings, bolster corporate awareness through mutually beneficial relationships and Joint Ventures, and strengthen the Company’s financial position with supplemental revenue streams. The Company’s mission in this endeavor is to build, empower and advance collaborating companies and clients in numerous sectors of this newly legalized and evolving industry, yielding development opportunities and collaborative relationships that lengthen the Company’s reach and increases revenues through the providing of value added services. Moreover, the plan of action reinforces the corporate structure with a growing diversity of industry experts, organized to support the Company and its client’s aspirations for success.

A Growers Resource


Unique Staffing Solution Company

This particular agreement enables Grow Condos unique ability to provide a unique staffing solution for the Company’s clients while providing an additional profit center. A major concern for Marijuana Growers is the cost prohibitive process of engaging qualified employees. This staffing solution empowers clients to gain access to skilled staff members, conducting comprehensive background checks, providing worker’s compensation while simultaneously providing advantages for its staff such as banking solutions. This agreement will strengthen GroW Condos with the ability to provide this solution for its clients and customers while boosting revenues through a mutually advantageous agreement yielding the Company a return as high as 20% of income earned.



Facilitation of Equipment Leases and Purchasing

This association allows Grow Condos to provide another unique solution for our clients while potentially providing an additional profit center for Grow Condos. Another significant concern for marijuana growers is reliable access to expansion capital for equipment such as quality lighting, cutting-edge structural components, and proper irrigation. CAN LEASE, LLC is a specialist in this area and has tailored its business specifically to the marijuana industry, allowing them to be the “best of breed” solution to marijuana businesses.

Robert Carp

in harvard

Dean’s Council Harvard University

In the Company’s effort to attract the nation’s brightest industry professionals, the newly formed Advisory Board is initiated with the appointment of Former Harvard University Dean’s Council, Robert Carp, one of the industry’s leading national lecturers and prolific author. As head of Carp Law Group, Mr. Carp brings to the table an expertise in the cannabis industry that is considered world class. The practice empowers clients with guidance involving the development and maintenance of full turn-key applications for dispensaries, cultivation facilities, and other grow facilities; supporting a spectrum of dispensaries in their endeavor to develop efficient and profitable state-of-the-art harvesting operations. Robert Carp brings a wealth of experience from his successful career in assisting clients with compliance and OSHA issues, local business rules, and federal regulation, making him a superb addition to the Grow Condos team.

Grow Condos has committed to build a robust network consisting of industry professionals in the growing Marijuana sector to enhance the Company’s scope of services, broaden exposure, and access like-minded professionals, entrepreneurs and investors for an ever growing presence this rising marketplace.

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