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First Cannabis Friendly RV Park Coming to Oregon

Since cannabis has been legalized in various states it’s clear that there are a number of people who have been, or will be, changing their vacationing plans to get a chance to enjoy some legal herb while they get away from the mundane routine of everyday life. Unfortunately, due to strict consumption laws that prohibit people from smoking or vaping marijuana in public, there are very few places where you can enjoy your legal cannabis while on vacation.

Another roadblock for those who enjoy the outdoors and spend most of their vacations camping or traveling in an RV, national parks and campgrounds are federal property and even in a state where cannabis is legal, it is not allowed on these properties. This leaves even fewer options for those who are visiting to enjoy the newly legal cannabis industry – but an Oregon company called Grow Condos, who leases indoor grow spaces, has just entered into an agreement to purchase Lake Selmac Resort and RV Park.

“This is one of the most exciting ventures to date for our company,” said CEO Wayne Zallen.

“This year we expect significant growth through this subsidiary, as we build, launch, and brand one of Oregon’s next beautiful cannabis friendly destinations.”

The company plans to make the park the country’s first cannabis-friendly campground that will facilitate RV and tent campers, as well as those looking for cabin lodging. The resort currently offers fishing, swimming and boating – but if Grow Condos obtains the park they intend to include an on-site (or nearby) dispensary where guests will be able to purchase their cannabis before getting settled into the campground.

The Travel Oregon Strategic Plan for 2015-17 states: “More people than ever are choosing to come to Oregon, and they are traveling farther than ever to get here. They are coming to enjoy the things we love: natural beauty, wilderness, adventure, amazing fresh food, wine, craft beer, world-class sports, and a vibrant arts and culture community. The result of all these visitors is a long list of powerful statistics and measures that show the profound economic power of tourism in Oregon.”

If the venture goes well in southern Oregon, then the company is considering looking into opening similar campgrounds in other states where cannabis is legal. This will open up a new opportunity for those who are looking to travel and enjoy these states’ marijuana friendly atmosphere – and considering the current lack of places where vacationers can enjoy their legally purchased bud, a cannabis campground seems like a brilliant idea.

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