• We are Grow Capital

    Our principals are straight forward. We are here to be a stock that steadily grows and provides investors a place to increase the value of their capital.

  • Simple Approach

    We grow your capital through smart acquisitions.

  • FinTech Niche

    This niche is here to stay. We are here to corner it.

Grow Capital: We believe there's enough knowledge and research to take a global view of where profits undeniably and steadily flow, acquire those niche companies and to increase our value so everyone wins.

Grow Capital CEO Message

We use a three-pronged approach to acquisition decisions:


Our team performs an analysis on potential acquisitions and pulls out the hard data.
In order to figure out their growth and what their potential is with additional resources.


Our leadership has collectively owned and managed companies worth billions.
We have the ability to analyze acquisitions and see if they have what it takes to grow with us.


Wisdom is the factor that we collectively possess with years of experience.
We look for qualities within the businesses like being coachable, accountable, and hardworking.

When a company is acquired by GRWC through our three pronged approach everyone wins.

  •   The company gains resources to scale up.
  •   Our shareholders stock price rises.
  •   Investments grow.
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Our Strategy

By using a simple approach, we have established a clear business model to grow your capital. This is achieved through smart acquisitions, by first, identifying companies with a clear niche and in need of strong leadership. We then acquire them, and watch them grow. In return, watch our stock rise.

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Our Future

Yes, GRWC was once associated with the blooming marijuana industry. In stark contrast to the hundreds rushing to that unknown and un-federally regulated sector, we rushed away from it in exchange for an opposite model - one that doesn't rely on looming legislation, bad press days or malfunctioning widgets.

“Grow Capital has an exciting future. To get there we must make smart investments... I’ve raised private capital to begin this process and will continue to do more to ensure our current investments are profitable, allowing greater focus on the future”
Jonathan Bonnette, CEO

Meet our team

Our board is a diverse group of well respected CEO's and award winning thought leaders. Surrounded by a strong team of professionals who are laser-focused on our principals.

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