GROW CONDOS, INC. is a real estate purchaser, developer and manager of specific use industrial properties providing “Condo” style turn-key grow facilities to support Cannabis Farmers. We own, lease, sell and manage multi-tenant properties.  Grow Condos is not involved in the growing, distribution, or sale of Cannabis.  

Like during the Gold Rush days in California, Grow Condos is focused on a pick-and-shovel approach to participating in the exploding Marijuana Industry.  Grow Condos finances the purchase and/or development of properties by offering to investors as sponsor private placements, debt instruments, or limited partnerships. We believe there is a significant investor demand for such opportunities.  Currently we own and manage a 15,000 square foot warehouse in Eagle Point, Oregon, and we are proactively looking into other possible acquisitions in Oregon, Colorado, Washington, California and Nevada.